Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding a great “personal injury lawyer” is tough. In fact, I know one Personal Injury Lawyer who stopped taking “Personal Injury Lawyer” cases and started doing Divorce cases in New York City and his hometown of Houston, Texas. As a personal injury lawyer, you’ve got to be able to get referrals from other lawyers to sustain your catastrophic injury personal injury practice. That’s tough. Because lawyers practicing for 30 years already have trusted friends they refer cases to.

Mesothelioma Law Firms

If you’ve got a good personal injury practice now, you could also go into “mesothelioma law”. Starting a mesothelioma law firm could be a great alternative to regular personal injury law practice. But you’re going to need to finance the cases that come to you or refer them out to bigger firms and get your 35% fee on settlement. There are risks involved when you start gathering mesothelioma law cases. Remember, mesothelioma law settlements can be large, but do you have the time and money to hold on until the mesothelioma settlements start to roll in? What about the mesothelioma diagnosis? Is the mesothelioma diagnosis made by a physician with a great reputation and who is great on the witness stand? These are all considerations when you’re entering into the mesothelioma litigation and “mesothelioma cancer” playing field.

This post is simply a test post for one of my lawyer clients who wishes to bring in more personal injury cases. If you’re a lawyer and would like to bring in more personal injury, or more specifically, a few mesothelioma cases, feel free to contact me anytime by email.

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