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Real estate brokers and agents need new leads of both home sellers and home buyers in order to stay in business. We’ve got the process mastered so you and your real estate office can concentrate on selling homes instead of asking people at Walmart if they know anyone who wants to sell their home. Lead generation and demand generation for the homes you’ve got listed for sale isn’t easy. In fact, every real estate agent or broker should ask themselves how much it costs to generate ONE new client. The cost should be calculated in time AND money. Why money? Because the agent could have been performing other activities that were the “highest and best use” of their time. We can think differently about this time and money equation if we use more of the agents time to actually LIST and SELL homes as opposed to looking for people who want to sell the family home. The highest and best use of the agent’s time is in bringing transactions to completion. Of course, if you have a dedicated agent in house that processes all closings that’s different. That’s rare. My experience has been that agents are rarely able to walk each listing through from Listing Agreement, to the closing table. EVERY agent says they can do it. Perhaps they can on a perfect no issues transaction. But out of 10 listed homes, maybe 3 are seamless transactions with no title issues, tax issues, boundary issues, estate issues etc. We help you get your Real Estate Agents back to what they do best. SELLING ! 786-588-3673

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So think of your new year of real estate transactions like this. You’ve got leads coming to the desk of the Managing Broker every week. Those leads are handed out to Real Estate Agents in the office at the discretion of the manager or by a no preference system. How many new listings can each agent handle per week? That depends on the agent. But the average agent should be able to handle 1 new lead per week. That’s 4 new listings every week and if you’ve got 5 agents in the office, the result for the Broker who’s running the office is 20 new listings per month. THIS is the initial goal we’ve got for each new real estate office this year. There are other opportunities for your office as our program moves forward such as receiving state wide in your home state and nearby states. We’ll work with you to increase your profitability fast.

Buy the way, if you’re the agent that brings us to the attention of the Broker of Record if your office, we’ve got a special “thank you” for you. Just call us at 786-588-3673 to give us the name of the Broker of Record you’ve told about us. You can call us day or night. 24 hours a day. With all of the leads coming to your Real Estate Brokerage, the time of agents is now free to spend getting the listing agreements signed and actually SELLING property! That’s the sweet spot for most real estate agents we meet. And that’s the way it should be. Call is 24 hours a day and seven days a week to introduce yourself. 786-588-3673