How to Sell by Phone – What You Need to Know

If you’re a small business owner and you’re trying to sell by phone, the first thing you need to know is stop trying to be a salesman/saleswoman in the first 20 second of the call. The first moments of the call are just used to get the attention of the person you’re calling and make them “perk up” to what you’re about to tell them. If all you learn from this page is that, then you’re way ahead of the pack. You’ve got a 25% lead on anyone else in your business or organization who is you’re competition. Just make the person on the other end of the phone pay attention. There are several ways to do this which I’ll detail on another post and in depth. I may even write a book on this one thing, getting the initial attention and interest of the person you’re calling.

I can remember many years ago when I was fundraising for the Metropolitan Opera (yeah THAT one!) and I was a college drop out trying to make ends meet. I didn’t have a clue what telephone sales was. We just called it “telemarketing”. I thought reading the script and reading the rebuttals to objections was where it was at. After all, that’s what my boss was telling me to do, so I should just do it! The chances are good you’ve got a few people in your office who were just like I was…. had no clue and just following the directions of the “manager” so I wouldn’t get fired. You’ve probably got a few of those people in your office right NOW! 

The simple truth is…these people can, and SHOULD BE, your Superstars. Why? Because they can easily learn what they need to know to help you sell more by phone and in person. Here’s an example.

Have you ever sold a widget using a script? The script sounds rehearsed to you, me and the prospect over the phone or in person. Why not free your employee to just TALK to the prospect and get the interest of the prospect using a few well placed statements to gain interest and let the question and answer session that’ll take place be the sales discussion. It actually works! I don’t want to make it sound like a magic wand or anything, but if you’re reading from a script to do all of your selling, it make pay you do switch for a day or two and see the results you get using natural discussion to sell the product of service you have. 

More on all of this is a few days. It will be under the HOW TO SELL BY PHONE area on the site.

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