How to get new clients as a Financial Advisor | Lawyer | Real Estate | For any Business

How to get clients as a Financial Advisor. Lawyer, Real Estate Agent or any other business isn’t hard. We’ve been at it since 1998 when Google was a baby. It’s cost effective advertising that brings results.

If you’re a lawyer that brings in a basic $30,000 car accident case. Your 33.3% fee will be $10,000.

Do that only 4 times in a month. That’s a breezy $480,000 added to your firm revenue in addition to anything else you’re doing. Now you hire a young associate to handle the 4 cases per month and you ask me to bring you 4 more cases every month. As you ramp up to service the total of 8 cases per month, your law firm annual revenue now approaches $960,000!

These numbers are TOTALLY workable. Call me now to discuss easy start up. It doesn’t matter if you have a website or not, or if you have Facebook or Twitter. We’ll handle the marketing, you handle the legal work. Works for you?

Time has shown us that we do this better than most companies. One of our founders worked for a $150,000,000 dollar company and can show you how to bring in new clients cost effectively and can teach your secretary or paralegal how to handle the new clients that will come to you if needed. Don’t let anything stop you from bringing in new clients in 2019. The leads you’ll get will he HIGH CONVERSION, meaning they’re highly calculated to sign up with your firm.

Email us at anytime day or night. We’re happy to help.