How New Attorneys Generate One Million Dollars of Law Firm Revenue Fast

If you’re a lawyer that brings in a basic $30,000 car accident case. Your 33.3% fee will be $10,000.

Do that only 4 times in a month. That’s a breezy $480,000 added to your firm revenue in addition to anything else you’re doing. Now you hire a young associate to handle the 4 cases per month and you ask me to bring you 4 more cases every month. As you ramp up to service the total of 8 cases per month, your law firm annual revenue now approaches $960,000! Oh, and when that BIG catastrophic accident happens, you’ll be poised to get some of those clients as well. Now your firm revenue EXPLODES.

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Time has shown us that we do this better than most companies. One of our founders worked for a $150,000,000 dollar company. He’ll show you how to bring in new clients cost effectively and will also teach your secretary or paralegal how to increase potential new client appointments and turn them into high paying clients. Don’t let anything stop you from bringing in new clients this year. The leads you’ll get will be highly calculated to bring their case to your firm.

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Helping Lawyers Attorneys Doctors and Dentists Bring New Customers in the Door – Call 7865883673

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How to Grow A Law Firm Fast: Lessons From the Field

Many lawyers ask me how to grow a law firm. This is usually after they’ve responded to one of my phone calls or emails. Generally speaking, lawyers just aren’t LOOKING for advice about how to grow their law firm.

There is a clear winner relative to growing a law firm. Scaling up a law firm fast means automating tasks that can be automated. I don’t like saying this, but it’s the reason why #BigLaw is shifting rudimentary legal tasks overseas to lawyers and paralegals who were trained in the United States but living in, say, China. I don’t like it, but it’s a reality in many businesses, not just law firms. The lesson here is to create efficiency in your law firm, whether you’re a solo attorney or a ten lawyer firm.

If you take a look at how firms of varying sizes ramp up to seven figures, you’ll see one thing in common. They specialize. They Focus. Kind of like the Physician that decides she wants to handle ONE type of surgery and nothing else. She doesn’t operate every day, but when she does, her charges are much more than a general surgeon and the insurance companies KNOW she’s a specialist and they pay without issue. It’s similar in the law. But the difference is, because your fellow attorneys KNOW you specialize in X type of law, everyone sends you the specific case that’s your specialty. You’re the “go to” guy regarding X law. Everyone in your city or county knows it and word has even spread around the state. You’re the expert in X law.

What does specializing in a niche practice do for you? Your law firm starts to “automate” the case management process because you know where the issues or nuances are in the law that make a difference in getting your clients a good result. You guard against issues that could harm your clients. In fact, your paralegals may have more knowledge if the law and motion practice than other lawyers in your city relative to X law. Your law firm processes flow smoothly. There’s confidence in your office. New clients feel it. The good reviews on show you that what you’re doing in your law firm is bringing good results that brings you more new clients.

What your law firm is doing is repeatable if you wanted to start a second, or third law office. In your last law firm management meeting, you talked about offering a “package” of legal services for new clients that would be highly profitable for you and welcomed by new clients. Some clients have asked for offerings that you didn’t have available for them. Now you’re thinking like a business person that wants to increase revenue and profits. You didn’t notice it, but two months ago your firm went over the $1,000,000 mark in law firm revenue. But you just didn’t go over the one million dollars number, the revenue is actually $1,300,000 for the year and it’s only August.

Good things are happening. Your receptionist is getting overworked. Incoming calls have definitely increased over the past few months. You’re starting to turn away clients to newly found friendly firms and they’re returning the favor by bringing you more high revenue clients that you specialize in.

When life is good, life is good. For more click here

We help law firms scale up and increase revenue fast. Call us at 786-588-3673 anytime to make an appointment to discuss how we can help you. There are a handful of items we can do for you that make sense based on the numbers.

Magic Johnson Steps Away as Lakers President of Basketball Operations

Some people don’t know how to grow their business. They just keep doing the same thing everyday. They hope and pray for new clients or customers. But they don’t do anything innovative.

In a stunning and impromptu 40-minute news conference before the Los Angeles Lakers’ season finale against the Portland Trail Blazers, Magic Johnson announced he was stepping down from his role as the team’s president of basketball of operations. The decision comes a little more than two years after he took on the position in an effort to restore one of the league’s most storied franchises to championship contention. Johnson made the announcement immediately after coach Luke Walton’s pregame comments, adding that he had not yet informed team owner Jeanie Buss of his intentions to step down.

“Today, I’m gonna step down as president,” Johnson, 59, revealed, adding that he had not yet told Jeanie Buss, the team’s controlling owner and president, or general manager Rob Pelinka. “It’s the right thing to do, the right move to make.” “I think that I had more fun when I was able to be the big brother and ambassador to everybody,” he continued. “I wanna go back to having fun, I wanna go back to who I was before taking on this job.” Despite not telling Buss ahead of time, Johnson said he had no hard feelings for the team’s owner and would have struggled to share the news with her. “I love [Jeanie] as a sister,” he continued. “Her and I have such an amazing relationship and I think that she gave full power to do what I wanted to do … I wanna always preserve our relationship.” “She doesn’t know I’m standing here because I know I would be crying like a baby in front of her,” he added.

Then his smile disappeared, his laughter died, and he quit. Just like that, in a move as stunning as any trick he pulled in more than two years as Lakers president of basketball operations, Magic Johnson made himself disappear. In the middle of his personal quest to return the Lakers to glory, with his star recruit LeBron James sitting across the hall amid the hope that more stars will be joining him this summer, Magic Johnson walked away. He made the announcement before telling owner Jeanie Buss. He held the news conference without the advance knowledge of team officials. This was his dream job, a role he could have reasonably filled for the rest of his life, yet he ended it all in nine words.

LEGALLY Steal Business from Your Local Competitors

Yes, you read that headline correctly. And yes, it’s controversial. Multi-national corporations do it all the time because it’s legal and highly profitable.

We show you how to legally steal business and clients from your competitors.

There’s a method to it and it can make you ten thousand extra dollars a year or millions per year. It’s your choice. And it doesn’t matter what business you’re in. Of course, it’s a lot better if you’re selling a product that brings you $10,000 and up per sale. But it works with any profit level in just about any business.

It’s done every day. You just don’t notice it unless you look for it. I show you a number of businesses doing it every day using billboards and newspaper ads. But it can also be done on an ad on your car or box truck as well as the internet.

If it sounds a little bit like it’s too good to be true….we agree. We thought the same thing until we started using it.

It took us about 7 months to get the techniques tweaked and dialed in. But once we did, we actually had someone copy what we were doing. THAT is the highest form of flattery.

That was the day we knew we were on to something BIG!

For New Clients only as a free service. 786-588-3673. Call and ask questions. No problem. We’ll be here when you’re ready. Helping businesses with this since 1998.

Business Development For Auto Dealers 786-588-3673

April 4, 2019 – Business development and getting new sales is hard for businesses these days. But it doesn’t have to be. There are some changes you can implement that are not generally known by business owners and take under $5000 to start and use to bring in new clients. So if you earn, for instance, $3000 per car that you sell on your lot, only two new clients pays you MORE than it cost to start your new client generation effort. Can you start with less? Yes you can. You can be a Lamborghini or a Corolla. The choice is yours. We can start you at either level and show you the results.

More salesmen, business development rep's and service appointment setters aren't what you need. Let us show you how to sell more used cars every month! Used Car Dealer from a 10 lane auction with experience!
New Customers for any Used Car Dealer 786-588-3673

There are a few auto dealers who are trying to sell the dealership or sell the auto repair business that they started. For those select companies, we may even partner with you to increase the clients and customer flow to sell more cars or get more auto repair clients and you pay nothing. You can call either way to discuss your needs. 786-588-3673 is our number you can call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We’re easy to work with!

Almost forgot to mention one of our owners has experience owning an Auto Dealership in Texas. Ask us how!

How to Sell by Phone – What You Need to Know

If you’re a small business owner and you’re trying to sell by phone, the first thing you need to know is stop trying to be a salesman/saleswoman in the first 20 second of the call. The first moments of the call are just used to get the attention of the person you’re calling and make them “perk up” to what you’re about to tell them. If all you learn from this page is that, then you’re way ahead of the pack. You’ve got a 25% lead on anyone else in your business or organization who is you’re competition. Just make the person on the other end of the phone pay attention. There are several ways to do this which I’ll detail on another post and in depth. I may even write a book on this one thing, getting the initial attention and interest of the person you’re calling.

I can remember many years ago when I was fundraising for the Metropolitan Opera (yeah THAT one!) and I was a college drop out trying to make ends meet. I didn’t have a clue what telephone sales was. We just called it “telemarketing”. I thought reading the script and reading the rebuttals to objections was where it was at. After all, that’s what my boss was telling me to do, so I should just do it! The chances are good you’ve got a few people in your office who were just like I was…. had no clue and just following the directions of the “manager” so I wouldn’t get fired. You’ve probably got a few of those people in your office right NOW! 

The simple truth is…these people can, and SHOULD BE, your Superstars. Why? Because they can easily learn what they need to know to help you sell more by phone and in person. Here’s an example.

Have you ever sold a widget using a script? The script sounds rehearsed to you, me and the prospect over the phone or in person. Why not free your employee to just TALK to the prospect and get the interest of the prospect using a few well placed statements to gain interest and let the question and answer session that’ll take place be the sales discussion. It actually works! I don’t want to make it sound like a magic wand or anything, but if you’re reading from a script to do all of your selling, it make pay you do switch for a day or two and see the results you get using natural discussion to sell the product of service you have. 

More on all of this is a few days. It will be under the HOW TO SELL BY PHONE area on the site.

How to get new clients for a Beauty Salon 786-588-3673

March 31, 2019 – Getting new clients for a beauty salon isn’t hard. It’s just like any other business. You’ve got to tailor and target your marketing to the SPECIFIC clients that will make an appointment and actually show up! Anything else doesn’t matter.

Any marketing should have a reliable payoff. If you call us, we will show you how we can bring you new clients reliably. We’re in located in Sunny South Florida (20 minutes from the beach!) and may even have a Sunday morning seminar on the beach if we can get enough salon owners to come on down for a Sunday morning breakfast training session and a Monday morning training session. You’ll have time to have fun on the beach in the afternoons and evenings, write off your trip on your taxes, and get back home to show off your tan on Tuesday. You’ll get to your new marketing efforts just that fast. 

Oh, and we’ll also show you where to stay for low cost accommodations and flights if that’s a consideration for you.

Email us at or call us at 786-588-3673. We look forward to hearing from you.

How to get new clients in a salon

How to Get More High Paying Chiropractic Clients – FREE

FREE help for Chiropractors to get new patients for the practice.
Free New Patients for Doctors of Chiropractic

Chiropractors don’t take marketing classes to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. They do, however, study biology, inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry, physics, psychology and related laboratory work.

Other classes include anatomy, biochemistry, pathology, embryology, histology, immunology and microbiology, neuroscience, and physiology. These courses provide a great basic education to attain the clinical skills and knowledge needed to learn the remaining chiropractic school curriculum.

But one thing I’ve found, is that Doctors of Chiropractic, or DC’s (D.C.’s) don’t learn about how to get new clients while in school. The schools are doing them a disservice. They should be taught how to “sell” in addition to how to market for new clients. The fact that they aren’t shown how to sell is illustrative of perhaps a greater problem that even affects lawyers and physicians. None of the above can get new clients at will. But they should at least know how to leave breadcrumbs for new clients to follow to make an appointment.

Not knowing how to get clients to the door of the rented chiropractic office can lead to the bankruptcy of the doctor’s office. Call me at 786-588-3673 and make a free appointment to learn what you need to do to bring in new chiropractic cases. Yes, I will work for free for the first 9 Chiropractors that call me in April 2019.

There is no obligation. NADA. Nothing. You may call to leave a message anytime day or night. I will return your call ASAP and make the telephone appointment with you. One Doctor per state only to allow you to freely acquire new patients. 786-588-3673