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New Client Generation for Law Firms

August 1, 2019 Business Lead Generation for Law Firms. We’re based in Sunny South Florida and help lawyers in 21 states. Law firm lead generation is more than waiting for the phone to ring. You’re busy running your law firm. Let us help you bring in new client leads SPECIFICALLY for your law firm within 48 hours.

We’ll analyze your current and past lead generation efforts to find out what worked and what could do better. What’s amazing is, you may have found had a niche legal practice area years ago and may be able to bring it back to life, should you choose to do so. You may even be an internet “star” for that niche but don’t even know it. We’ll walk you through the process. After all, you’re practicing law and don’t have time to do the deep dive into marketing like we do.

Isn’t it time to get more aggressive to grow your practice?

When you’ve got more new client leads coming in, your firm gets to refer out those cases that are too small for you, but perfect for other local attorneys you know. By referring out cases you don’t lose money… you actually gain incoming referrals and a new case load. It’s wise to have new smaller clients you can refer out just to be able to make new friends in your legal community and show goodwill.

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Lead Generation for any law firm in any state in the United States. More leads, more new cases and clients, keep your in house lawyers busy and generate more profits. All leads generated are EXCLUSIVELY for you and your law firm. New leads are generated within 48 hours of engagement.

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