How New Attorneys Generate One Million Dollars of Law Firm Revenue Fast

If you’re a lawyer that brings in a basic $30,000 car accident case. Your 33.3% fee will be $10,000.

Do that only 4 times in a month. That’s a breezy $480,000 added to your firm revenue in addition to anything else you’re doing. Now you hire a young associate to handle the 4 cases per month and you ask me to bring you 4 more cases every month. As you ramp up to service the total of 8 cases per month, your law firm annual revenue now approaches $960,000! Oh, and when that BIG catastrophic accident happens, you’ll be poised to get some of those clients as well. Now your firm revenue EXPLODES.

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Time has shown us that we do this better than most companies. One of our founders worked for a $150,000,000 dollar company. He can show you how to bring in new clients cost effectively and will also teach your secretary or paralegal how to handle the new clients that will come to you, if needed. Don’t let anything stop you from bringing in new clients in 2019. The leads you’ll get will be highly calculated to bring your case to your firm.

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Lawyers For Injury

February 15, 2019 – Premises injury attorneys are the best lawyers if you need personal injury specialists. Many search for the best injury lawyers near me. But personally, I know personal injury lawyers that are the best lawyers for injury. This is a 7 day test to check the Best Lawyers in 2019 in the United States

Personal.Injury Lawyer

Settlements for auto accidents can be achieved by injury accident lawyers but the best thing to do is call to get settlements for injury lawyers. It’s best to get a personal injury law firm serving several states like Mississippi, Florida and Georgia. If you’ve been injured, they can help you seek compensation for auto accidents, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, dangerous drugs, Social Security Disability, slip & fall cases, and more

Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

The Personal Injury Lawyers have years of experience working with people like you that have cases related to car accidents, wrongful death of children, dangerous real estate, property or buildings, personal injury lawsuits, defective or harmful products, and death from medical malpractice.

Automobile Accidents Lawyers

There are over 34,000 people in the United States dying in car accidents or crashes every year, it’s no surprise that automobile accidents are a prolific source of personal injury cases. Many things can cause auto accident injuries in the United States especially cell phone use while driving, drivers sleeping at the wheel, fatigue, passengers arguing with the driver, children in the back seat crying, or changing a CD while driving. Even changing a radio station while driving can cause a death when a personal injury occurs because of an automobile accident. If you’ve been to the emergency room or injured in an auto accident, an accident with a tractor trailer truck ( 18 wheeler), or even if you’ve crashed and injured someone in an auto collision, you KNOW it’s important to prove that you’re not at fault in the accident. Proving fault in auto accidents is as important as proving that you weren’t at fault. Choosing the right accident lawyer for your auto accident case is a must. Don’t make a mistake. contact an auto accident lawyer or attorney right away!

Dangerous Real Estate, Hidden Dangerous Property or Buildings

Hidden dangers in buildings, pools, real estate property or buildings are just some of the causes of major lawsuits. The people who own the property, buildings or pools need to speak with building code enforcement or experienced lawyers to make sure they are compliance with state and local laws. In the case of an ugly house, or run down building, the property owner or landlord can be sued if the city makes the repairs that caused the accident and bills the owner or landlord. If you or a family member has been injured because of an unsafe building or any hidden dangerous condition, Those who have been injured on, or in, an unsafe / dangerous property should find a lawyer right away. You may have limited time to sue for damages. Be sure to talk to an accident lawyer or personal injury attorney about this right away.

Trucking Accidents Assisted Living Facility Neglect, Auto Accident, Bankruptcy, Major Catastrophic Injury, Negligent Entrustment, Negligent Security, Nursing Home Abuse, Motorcycle Accidents, Serious Auto Accidents, Product Liability, Medical Malpractice

Accident Lawyers in Birmingham Alabama

If you’re looking for a Birmingham Injury Attorney or Accident Lawyers in Birmingham Alabama you’ve come to the right place. Our Birmingham injury attorneys have one thing they want to do: Help you recover money for your injuries. Through constant efforts to improve the Birmingham law practice, the Accident Lawyers in Birmingham Alabama have achieved an AV rating by Martindale-Hubbell® for legal skill and ethics, in addition to an impressive track record of BIG victories through settlements and court verdicts with juries. The Accident Lawyers in Birmingham Alabama concentrate on the most serious injury cases and are capable of handling your products liability claim, Car accident case, severe burn injury case, doctor medical malpractice lawsuit, and much more. They’ve gained a reputation for being caring and supportive especially after the death of a loved one who has died because the negligence of another person or company. Loss of a loved one is always hard. The attorney we refer you to will help you file a wrongful death claim.

It’s very important for personal injury victims to know that you have a limited amount of time for filing a lawsuit or claims against a negligent party. In Tennessee this is known as the statute of limitations and is generally one year. This means that your personal injury claims must be asserted within one year of the date when your injury occurred or the date you found out about the injury or discovered the injury.

If the statute of limitations of one year has elapsed, you might not be eligible for money compensation for your damages, injuries and loss. The one-year time frame is usually not able to be extended but you should  find out more about this when you talk to an attorney. Every case is different. You should speak with an attorney as soon as possible to find out if your injuries qualify. 

How do I hire a collection agency to collect a debt? 786-588-3673

Hiring a collection agency to collect on debts owed to your business is easy. We have a division that does that for our clients. Call us at 786-588-3673 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We’re here to help!

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This is the best time of year to collect on debt because businesses are getting ready to file taxes, as well as owners filing personal taxes. No one wants to have bad debt on their credit report. Our collection efforts complete with attorneys almost FORCES the business to pay you ASAP!

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We’re LIVE! All Employees are 100% Trained and Functional. Lead Generation Real Estate is UP! Questions? Call 786-588-3673 or Email us!

We’re now one week into our lead generation efforts for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Brokers. If you didn’t receive 10 leads last week, please complete a trouble ticket and email it to Help (at)

From now on all communications and closing reports should be emailed to Help (at) until we’ve completed the FAQ section of our new site.

I just want to take a moment to say Thank You to the 14 Real Estate Brokers that have trusted us with lead generation efforts for your respective offices. As first adopters in our 2019 effort, we’ve also got some additional leads coming your way at NO CHARGE. You’ll get an email by Saturday January 26, 2019 with the details on the FREE REAL ESTATE LEADS and how to report closings on the free leads. The free leads are a special channel that is “in development”. As always, the leads ARE NOT shared with other Real Estate Brokers. The leads only go to ONE Broker. Again, please report these leads on the special closing detail sheet that will be provided to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 786-588-3673

Our Real Estate Broker Initiative will launch on January 16, 2019

Thank you all for your continuing interest. I’m in the Bahamas on vacation and will return on January 3, 2019. All pre-launch efforts are being handled by staff who are getting new Brokers and Agents up and running in addition to conference call trainings. We’ve got 11 states covered and that’s more than enough for the launch. As I mentioned last week, we’re limiting the numbers of Brokers during the first year. Brokers who are in during the pre-launch will receive first right of refusal should you wish to acquire a second state to market and sell in. Licensed Real Estate Brokers only of course.

If you’ve already been accepted and still have agents who haven’t given us their email address to receive our emails, please forward the agent names and email addresses to Help (at) as soon as possible.

Please be sure at least 3 agents can handle up to 5 new listings each month.

Have a safe New Years Eve celebration.


Learn How to LEGALLY Steal Business from Your Local Competitors

Yes, you read that headline correctly. We’ll show you how to legally steal business from your competitors. There’s a method to it and it can make you ten thousand extra dollars a year or millions. It’s your choice. And it doesn’t matter what business you’re in. Of course, it’s a lot better if you’re selling a product that brings you $10,000 and up profit per sale. But it works with any profit level in just about any business. It’s done every day. You just don’t notice it unless you’re looking for it. I can show you a number of businesses doing it every day using billboards and newspaper ads. But it can also be done on an ad on your car or box truck as well as the internet.

If it sounds a little bit like it’s too good to be true….we agree. We thought the same thing until we started using it.

It took us about 7 months to get the techniques tweaked and dialed in. But once we did, we actually had someone copy what we were doing.

That was the day we knew we were on to something BIG!

For New Clients only as a free service. 786-588-3673.

Business Development For Auto Dealers 786-588-3673

Business development and getting new sales is hard for businesses these days. But it doesn’t have to be. There are some changes you can implement that are not generally known by business owners and take under $5000 to start and use to bring in new clients. So if you earn, for instance, $3000 per car that you sell on your lot, only two new clients pays you MORE than it cost to start your new client generation effort. Can you start with less? Yes you can. You can be a Lamborghini or a Corolla. The choice is yours. We can start you at either level and show you the results.

More salesmen, business development rep's and service appointment setters aren't what you need. Let us show you how to sell more used cars every month! Used Car Dealer from a 10 lane auction with experience!
New Customers for any Used Car Dealer 786-588-3673

There are a few auto dealers who are trying to sell the dealership or sell the auto repair business that they started. For those select companies, we may even partner with you to increase the clients and customer flow to sell more cars or get more auto repair clients and you pay nothing. You can call either way to discuss your needs. 786-588-3673 is our number you can call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We’re easy to work with!

Almost forgot to mention one of our owners has experience owning an Auto Dealership in Texas. Ask us how!

Nationwide Real Estate Listings 786-588-3673

Real estate brokers and agents need new leads of both home sellers and home buyers in order to stay in business. We’ve got the process mastered so you and your real estate office can concentrate on selling homes instead of asking people at Walmart if they know anyone who wants to sell their home. Lead generation and demand generation for the homes you’ve got listed for sale isn’t easy. In fact, every real estate agent or broker should ask themselves how much it costs to generate ONE new client. The cost should be calculated in time AND money. Why money? Because the agent could have been performing other activities that were the “highest and best use” of their time. We can think differently about this time and money equation if we use more of the agents time to actually LIST and SELL homes as opposed to looking for people who want to sell the family home. The highest and best use of the agent’s time is in bringing transactions to completion. Of course, if you have a dedicated agent in house that processes all closings that’s different. That’s rare. My experience has been that agents are rarely able to walk each listing through from Listing Agreement, to the closing table. EVERY agent says they can do it. Perhaps they can on a perfect no issues transaction. But out of 10 listed homes, maybe 3 are seamless transactions with no title issues, tax issues, boundary issues, estate issues etc. We help you get your Real Estate Agents back to what they do best. SELLING ! 786-588-3673

New Real Estate Listings Dallas Oklahoma City Fort Myers San Antonio New Orleans Grand Rapids

So think of your new year of real estate transactions like this. You’ve got leads coming to the desk of the Managing Broker every week. Those leads are handed out to Real Estate Agents in the office at the discretion of the manager or by a no preference system. How many new listings can each agent handle per week? That depends on the agent. But the average agent should be able to handle 1 new lead per week. That’s 4 new listings every week and if you’ve got 5 agents in the office, the result for the Broker who’s running the office is 20 new listings per month. THIS is the initial goal we’ve got for each new real estate office this year. There are other opportunities for your office as our program moves forward such as receiving state wide in your home state and nearby states. We’ll work with you to increase your profitability fast.

Buy the way, if you’re the agent that brings us to the attention of the Broker of Record if your office, we’ve got a special “thank you” for you. Just call us at 786-588-3673 to give us the name of the Broker of Record you’ve told about us. You can call us day or night. 24 hours a day. With all of the leads coming to your Real Estate Brokerage, the time of agents is now free to spend getting the listing agreements signed and actually SELLING property! That’s the sweet spot for most real estate agents we meet. And that’s the way it should be. Call is 24 hours a day and seven days a week to introduce yourself. 786-588-3673

How to Sell by Phone – What You Need to Know

If you’re a small business owner and you’re trying to sell by phone, the first thing you need to know is stop trying to be a salesman/saleswoman in the first 20 second of the call. The first moments of the call are just used to get the attention of the person you’re calling and make them “perk up” to what you’re about to tell them. If all you learn from this page is that, then you’re way ahead of the pack. You’ve got a 25% lead on anyone else in your business or organization who is you’re competition. Just make the person on the other end of the phone pay attention. There are several ways to do this which I’ll detail on another post and in depth. I may even write a book on this one thing, getting the initial attention and interest of the person you’re calling.

I can remember many years ago when I was fundraising for the Metropolitan Opera (yeah THAT one!) and I was a college drop out trying to make ends meet. I didn’t have a clue what telephone sales was. We just called it “telemarketing”. I thought reading the script and reading the rebuttals to objections was where it was at. After all, that’s what my boss was telling me to do, so I should just do it! The chances are good you’ve got a few people in your office who were just like I was…. had no clue and just following the directions of the “manager” so I wouldn’t get fired. You’ve probably got a few of those people in your office right NOW! 

The simple truth is…these people can, and SHOULD BE, your Superstars. Why? Because they can easily learn what they need to know to help you sell more by phone and in person. Here’s an example.

Have you ever sold a widget using a script? The script sounds rehearsed to you, me and the prospect over the phone or in person. Why not free your employee to just TALK to the prospect and get the interest of the prospect using a few well placed statements to gain interest and let the question and answer session that’ll take place be the sales discussion. It actually works! I don’t want to make it sound like a magic wand or anything, but if you’re reading from a script to do all of your selling, it make pay you do switch for a day or two and see the results you get using natural discussion to sell the product of service you have. 

More on all of this is a few days. It will be under the HOW TO SELL BY PHONE area on the site.