Advertise Your Business in a Movie

New Movie Filming Soon – Businesses Needed

Another movie is filming soon and we need 2 businesses to be shown in the movie. If you have a store front, or whether you’re an Doctor in a shared office, we can put your business front and center in the movie. It’s free advertising for you whenever someone watches the movie. Each movie gets the support of paid advertising to bring in paid viewers.

We’ll also do an interview with the owner. There’s nothing like an offer from the owner during the end of the movie to ask people to call in to get a special deal. You WILL get new business from this.

The movie is being filmed in Florida, but we can bring a camera to your location anywhere in the United States.

Each movie is targeted to get 200,000 paid viewers.

If you have any questions, please email at

Trump Inauguration Day Friday January 20 2017


Trump Inauguration Day is going to be an interesting day.

Half of America doesn’t have $700 in savings to take care of an emergency car repair or the hot water heater that stops working on a Monday morning.

The USDA Food and Nutrition Service reports that as of September 2014, there were around 46.5 million individual food stamp recipients in the United States (22.7 million households) receiving an average benefit of $123.74 each.

The typical American couple only has $5000 saved for retirement

More than one In 10 American workers is unemployed or underemployed according to Forbes magazine

So the real question is, “how is Trump going to repair this?”

Answer, for the average person, the solution is to start some sort of business and use creative tax strategy that millionaires and billionaires use the can be “re-purposed” for use by the Average American Taxpayer. Let me give you a fast example. Starting a business doesn’t take much. You incorporate and file for S corporation status. Now I want to be clear on something here. S Corps are my personal preference.

Using a corporation you can deduct many of the expenses that you already incur but do not deduct if you re-arrange your life just a little bit to accommodate the deduction.

Just by doing this, you may save yourself $5000, $11,000 or more each year. Why wouldn’t you do that?

Stay tuned. These 4 years of Trump are going to be interesting. We’re going to see if he REALLY supports working people who voted for him.

Get ready for Trump Inauguration Day Friday January 20 2017 !

Business Loan application appoval 4% business lending No prepayment penalty

Are you a business owner looking for business to buy?

Are you a business owner looking for business to buy?

November 3, 2016

If you’re looking for a business to buy in the United States, now is the time. Our lender is flush with cash and seeking the right situations to fund up to $7,550,000 per business buyout. Our lender is a UK bank with two business divisions in the United States.

The minimum loan amount is $250,000. Buyer must have some skin in the game via equity, downpayment, sweat equity or pledged assets (pledged assets cannot include primary residence or equity in the primary home).

Due diligence and docs are completed by lender attorneys.

Terms are 24 months to 60 months.

Interest rates are based on Libor

No prepayment penalty

Businesses not accepted are: real estate, night clubs, adult entertainment, liquor stores, marijuana dispensaries, used car lots, restaurants and dollar stores.

Inquire at

How to Get Free TV Advertising in 2016

How to Get Free TV and Movie Advertising in 2016

If you advertise on TV, many times the commercials where you advertise your business, are deleted. We show you how to get Free Advertising in 2016. There are many people who use TIVO type devices that come with Cable TV to fast forward right past the commercials that you paid so much to shoot and air. We show you how to prevent getting deleted.

The solution is to get your store or business in a short scene in a movie. That’s right a BIG SCREEN movie! When your store is the backdrop for a scene in a motion picture that will be shown to millions, it’s amazing the number of calls and inquiries you get. And the great part is that the type of business you run won’t increase or decrease the calls. We ALL want to get a pizza at the pizza shop that was in the movie. So we call the pizza shop, or  look them up on Google, and we bring the family for dinner and get two large SPECIAL pizzas. Then we proceed to tell our friends about the great time we had at “the pizza place that was in the movie”. The pizza shop benefited heavily from free advertising and you can too. How to Get Free TV Advertising in 2016. Free ads are available for movies as well.

Free Advertising for Service Businesses

I hear a few of you asking, “what if I sell a service?” If you sell a service, you could possibly be cast in the movie with a short role where you’re selling your service to someone who looks like your “Optimum Client”. Doing this in a major motion picture will yield hundreds of calls every few months for as long as the movie is in the theaters, DVD’s are selling at Walmart, and the movie is online at or Netflix. This is the level of advertising that most business owners think is reserved only for brands like Mercedes Benz, Rolex,  or Dolce and Gabbana. In fact, advertising in movies is how businesses show their brand and grow. You can do the same and not break the bank.

Why do I mention that you’ll get free Google Ads for one year? Because Google will love the movie content where your business is shown. You’re business will be enshrined in Google and you’ll earn more money because of it. Learn more today by emailing us at

We look forward to assisting you with your free TV and movie ads.

You may email us and we’ll show you the ad placements available in our upcoming movie. You may email us right now at