Ohio Chiropractors Increase Your Client Traffic at No Cost


How To Get Chiropractic Referrals By BeingINTO It’ … And my point is this: they are going to tell you to your face that you’re great. They’re going to tell, … I say, “I get more training and seminars now than I ever did.” Point here is: my patients know that I’m INTO my work, that I’m INTO my craft. How can they not come to see our chiropractic office? They call us every day for chiropractic appointments.

Do you love the chiropractic philosophy? Do you think about chiropractic all the time?

Do you really want to improve yourself? Are you INTO it?

Are you INTERESTED IN any of the research and science behind the power of chiropractic?

Are you into your work?

And they run around and think they’re a “good” chiropractor only because they don’t know what good even IS because they haven’t even been exposed to GOOD because all they know is what their school has taught them. That, of course, is not good enough.

The schools do a nice job of teaching you the basics, but your job is to become GREAT. And that takes extra work because you’ve got to be INTO it.

Here’s the bottom line. Your friends and family will NOT send people to you unless they know you are INTO what you do. And believe me, they KNOW it. If your mind is on other things, they can sense it. If you’re down on chiropractic, they can sense it because you can’t hide it.

So, are you INTO chiropractic?

I love chiropractic now more than ever! There is no question that any patient that comes in to see me knows that I am INTO it, and you know why? Because I TELL them.

I say, “Nobody loves chiropractic like me!” Or, “I used to think I read a lot in school. I read more now about chiropractic now that I’m OUT of school.” I TELL my patients what I’m doing. I say, “I get more training and seminars now than I ever did.”