How to Get Free TV Advertising in 2016

How to Get Free TV and Movie Advertising in 2016

If you advertise on TV, many times the commercials where you advertise your business, are deleted. We show you how to get Free Advertising in 2016. There are many people who use TIVO type devices that come with Cable TV to fast forward right past the commercials that you paid so much to shoot and air. We show you how to prevent getting deleted.

The solution is to get your store or business in a short scene in a movie. That’s right a BIG SCREEN movie! When your store is the backdrop for a scene in a motion picture that will be shown to millions, it’s amazing the number of calls and inquiries you get. And the great part is that the type of business you run won’t increase or decrease the calls. We ALL want to get a pizza at the pizza shop that was in the movie. So we call the pizza shop, or  look them up on Google, and we bring the family for dinner and get two large SPECIAL pizzas. Then we proceed to tell our friends about the great time we had at “the pizza place that was in the movie”. The pizza shop benefited heavily from free advertising and you can too. How to Get Free TV Advertising in 2016. Free ads are available for movies as well.

Free Advertising for Service Businesses

I hear a few of you asking, “what if I sell a service?” If you sell a service, you could possibly be cast in the movie with a short role where you’re selling your service to someone who looks like your “Optimum Client”. Doing this in a major motion picture will yield hundreds of calls every few months for as long as the movie is in the theaters, DVD’s are selling at Walmart, and the movie is online at or Netflix. This is the level of advertising that most business owners think is reserved only for brands like Mercedes Benz, Rolex,  or Dolce and Gabbana. In fact, advertising in movies is how businesses show their brand and grow. You can do the same and not break the bank.

Why do I mention that you’ll get free Google Ads for one year? Because Google will love the movie content where your business is shown. You’re business will be enshrined in Google and you’ll earn more money because of it. Learn more today by emailing us at

We look forward to assisting you with your free TV and movie ads.

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